Above Ground Pool Installation

Above Ground Pool Experts

Above ground pools are more affordable than in-ground pools. When you add the purchase price, installation and maintenance, above ground pools cost less. Also, above ground pools are installed faster than in-ground pools. They usually don’t require extensive excavation or construction work. Furthermore, above ground pools can be set up in a variety of locations. Like on a deck, patio, or lawn.

In fact, above ground pools can be dismantled and moved to a new location if needed. Above ground pools tend to be safer than an in-ground pool. They are usually surrounded by a fence or barrier that helps prevent accidents. Above ground pools are generally easier to maintain as they have fewer components and do not require as much specialty equipment.

Overall, above ground pools are a great option. Especially for those who want to enjoy a pool at a lower cost with less maintenance.

above ground pool

What you can expect when installing an above ground pool.

First of all, we excavate and level the designated area for all of our above ground pools. A level surface means that our above grounds are installed properly. Above-ground pools installed on an surface thats not level will not be installed properly and will incur additional costs to correct. 

Furthermore, Summer Blue Pools will assess if a retaining wall is needed for the above ground pool installation. Retaining walls are necessary for backyards with larger slopes. A retaining walls keeps water and dirt away from above ground pools.

Finally, once the pool floor area has leveled the crew will install your new pool. Each above ground pool installation is different. We install our above ground pools in the most economical and cost effective manner possible. Call today for your consultation.

For in-ground pool installations contact Merodynamic Pools.